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  • Internet access; what would Teddy do?

    The Connect America Fund aims to connect 7 million unserved rural Americans to broadband in six years, and puts the nation on a path to connect all 19 million unserved rural residents by 2020. The FCC launched this unprecedented broadband expansion last year when it reformed and modernized the Universal Service Fund, which connected rural America to the telephone network in the 20th century. The Commission created the Connect America Fund to unleash the benefits of broadband for all Americans in the 21st century. In the first phase, about $115 million of public funding will be coupled with tens of millions more in private investment to quickly expand broadband infrastructure to rural communities in every region of the nation.
    Originally, the U S Postal Service requested Congress amend the laws so USPS could be an Internet Provider service, allowing internet access to expand not only into rural areas, but also into poor urban areas that other companies did not find profitable. The result is that Americans pay many times higher costs than families in Europe, and in many areas there is a monopoly of one provider. Of course, USPS was not allowed to enter the market because the cable companies bought off congress with campaign contributions (legal bribes, as if you didn’t know) to keep their monopolies intact. Would the Bull Moose Party under Teddy Roosevelt have allowed such a thing to happen?