PARADIGM SHIFT (progressive rock)

PARADIGM SHIFT (progressive rock)



{ Instrumental music from Worm And Thompson Zeitgeist (WATZ) }

JEFF LEEP  Bassoon, saxophone


GARY BERMAN  Bass Guitar

J. C. "Watz" THOMPSON  Drums and Percussion

JEFF WATZ  Baldwin Electropiano, Moog synthesizer

This album is "instrumental music". Don't look for any lyrics here except for Wanted By The FBI. Improvisation created the 3rd track,"Landscape Of The Absolute", which was completely spontaneous and recorded at a live gig. And "Rings of Saturn" was also created on the first take inspired by the introduction recorded on a full sized modular Moog synthesizer. In fact, all of this music except the last track was recorded live on a Teac 4-channel reel to reel tape deck.

All songs copyright MCMLXXV by Jeff Watz except noted tracks 2 and 8 copyright Dave Tongay; this collection would not have been possible without the contributions of all the above musicians who to a great extent improvised their parts, and helped create this. Most of this collection was recorded in Chicago area taverns in front of a live audience. These songs are in the same order as the original released album. The last track is a bonus, recorded in the studio with only John and Jeff on piano, synth and drums.

A native of Chicago, Dr. Watts' band The White Noise Street Ensemble was one of the abenteuerfreudigsten bands of jazz / fusion scene of the seventies and was at the spearhead of a new movement. Influences: Frank Zappa, The Flock, Mahavishnu Orchestra, Spirit, King Crimson, Al Kooper's Blood Sweat & Tears, Jan Hammer, Dr. Robert Moog, Blues Image, Jeff Beck, John Lennon, Dennis DeYoung and Styx, Robbie Steinhardt and Kansas.

published by Des Plaines River Songs 2012, and by Jeffree Watz

"Prelude: Uranus" and "Wanted By The FBI"  ASCAP and performance royalties apply.

all songs registered with the Library of Congress